Carlow Digital creates projections for stage shows that can transform your production.

For shows where it’s not practical or financially viable to have a stage set, projections will give your production a professional finish. We design custom graphics for your show and, when needed, animate them to illustrate events or give context. The cast can interact with them as in the talking cave below or, as in the storm from The Wizard of Oz, they provide an awe-inspiring and appropriate setting for your production.


We have extensive experience in creating projections for ballet and dance shows, working closely with choreographers to help them tell their stories. This is just a sample of our bespoke backdrops:

Aladdin – The Talking Cave

Aladdin embarks on a journey with the wicked Jafar through cities and deserts to reach the Cave of Treasures.


To enhance the story and match the chosen music, we created this montage, culminating in the Talking Cave.


Projections | Montage | Performance

In My Blood & Swan Lake – Show Projection

This video demonstrates how projections can be synchronised with music to make something that’s more than just a backdrop. In this example from a dance show, the visuals are designed to enhance the light show and add dynamics.

AI-generated images and layers of video and effects are used to create a magical effect. The projection creates a sense of movement and depth, and intensifies the mood and the energy of the show.

The Wizard of Oz – Tornado: Composite Stage Projection

This is a projection that we produced for a stage production of The Wizard of Oz, by the Helen Dunne Academy of Dance.

Dozens of layers of individual video components are combined to create a realistic and dynamic tornado scene that transports Dorothy to Oz. The video and music are synchronised to create a dramatic and immersive effect.

A Dance Show Stage Projection

This video showcases one of our recent projects. I used Midjourney to create a stunning still image and then added multiple layers of clouds, fire and other effects to create a dynamic and immersive atmosphere.

I always aim for my projections to add depth and movement to a space, to enhance the visual impact and to create a unique stage set that cannot be achieved by any other means.


Evil Mermaid’s Kingdom – The Little Mermaid

This video shows one of the projections made for a ballet school production of Hans Christian Andersen’s ‘The Little Mermaid’.

I used two AI-generated images to create the background of the underwater scene, and added many layers of fishes and sharks to create depth and movement. Finally, rays of light were overlaid to pierce the darkness of the undersea world.

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