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Teagasc Science Week 2020

A Taste of the Future

Plants, Mushrooms, Insects, Algae, Big Data – all are features on the journey of food from the farm to your plate. Then your senses get involved and your choices can affect health and sustainability. This video from Carlow Digital highlights Teagasc research that’s changing the direction of that food journey, and gives you a Taste of the Future!


Featuring interviews with the scientists and researchers from the Ashtown Teagasc Food Research Centre in Dublin.

Interviews | Voiceover |  Science | Use of Live and Stock Footage   Documentary Style

Teagasc Science Week 2020

Sustaining Plant Diversity into the Future

Videoed in the beautiful National Botanic Gardens in Dublin, this centre for the conservation of threatened plants, research on safeguarding plants & the education of future gardeners highlights some remarkable plants and initiatives for a plant-filled future.


Featuring interviews with scientists, botanists, conservationists, educators and researchers from the National Botanic Gardens in Dublin.

Interviews | Voiceover |  Science | Use of Live and Stock Footage   Documentary Style

Teagasc Science Week 2020

A Taste of the Future

Soils are diverse and multifunctional living ecosystems, underpinning most of our food and fibre production, but also other critical natural services for society, including the re-cycling of nutrients, atmospheric CO2 sequestration and water regulation. As soils are a limiting resource, protecting soil health from degradation is critical for human wellbeing.


Videoed in the beautiful surroundings of Teagasc Johnstown Castle, Ireland's leading research centre for soils and the rural environment.

Interviews | Voiceover |  Science | Use of Live and Stock Footage   Documentary Style

Onboard Logistics

All products montage

This is good example of a video where constraints actually serve to give a better result. Because hiring a plane was neither financially viable nor particularly useful, the videos were shot against a green screen and all the interiors were created in post.


Green screen | Live action |  Actor | Stop Motion | Rotoscope

Voiceover | Animated Logo

Castle Chafer

Safety Video

The Castle Chafer burner is an innovative, money-saving product that does away with the need for water when using chafing pans. This video was made to demonstrate correct use of the burner.


As clarity in both script and video was paramount, script preparation was meticulous between ourselves and the client before the shoot took place in our studio.

Stop Motion | Actor | Rotoscope | SFX | Voiceover

Animated Logo

FAAB Blanket

Product promotion

The FAAB Blanket is a considered and well-thought-out sensory aid for people with dementia, but it is not something that people would necessarily be familiar with. This video was made to introduce the product.


A lot of time was given to preparing a script and planning the shoot and, on the day, the wonderful talents of Margaret McKenna and Ciara (grand daughter of the designer Mary Hogan) brought it perfectly to life.

Live action |  Actors | Stop Motion | Rotoscope

Voiceover | Animated Logo

Nugent Manufacturing

Taking the Stairs

It's a rare event to see a fifty ton staircase being craned from the workshop where it was made and lifted ever so gently on to a trombone trailer for transportation.  All one can do in that situation is stay out of the way and hope that the video will capture just how enormous the staircase is, and the expertise and confidence of the Nugent team in carrying out their work.


Being able to put Stephen Nugent into the middle of the action for his interview was a great bonus and all credit to him and his staff for remaining so calm and collected throughout.

Live Action |  On Location | Interview

Deycom Computer Services

Tips on securing your data

Bryan Corden shares some expert advice about keeping your computer data safe and secure using backups. In a world where ransomware is rampant, this is very timely advice.


The video was shot against a green screen to give a more high tech, futuristic look and to facilitate the use of a virtual TV screen. Stock footage was incorporated to illustrate certain ideas.

Green Screen |  Studio | Stock Footage | Animated Logo

Jean Cullinane

Cullinane Consulting

Videoed in our own studio, Jean Cullinane speaks about the benefits of getting to know your employees.


A green screen was the basis for this shoot, with the footage overlaid on a professionally-produced background. As with all our videos, every effort is made to place clients at ease so that they can deliver their message in a natural and confident manner which Jean certainly did.

Green Screen |  Studio | Animated Logo | Professional Background


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