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Corporate Video

A still from an animated logo used as the end screen for Onboard Logistics promotional video

Additional services we offer

We offer video editing and colour grading

Video editing and colour grading

Our state-of-the-art video studio for editing your project

Musicals & Theatre Video

Stage shows, including drama, musicals, dance, comedy and physical theatre

Myles Dungan Speaking at a Conference

Record your work conference or workshop for you in-house archive or training

Software Training and Tutorials

Video tutorials are an effective way to learn how to learn new software and processes

A still from a music video

Two people fall in love to the music of Entourage

Stunning graphics for shows

Bespoke graphics for shows, tailored to your production

Freddy Buttons Animatic MOVIE 02.mpg_20171020_152425.911

Original Music

If library music doesn't work, we can provide an original composition or soundtrack

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