Video editing and enhancement
You use a camera to capture the images but it’s the edit which tells the story.  It’s not only in movies that editing is important. Even when editing between cameras for a live  performance, it’s the choice of shots, whether that’s between a close up or a wide shot, for example, which serves to tell the story.
If you’ve already captured your footage but need someone to put it together for you, give us a call. Not only do we have the facilities in our studio to edit all manner of footage, we can also enhance and improve your footage in surprising ways. We have saved many, many projects for clients with our professional post production!
Taking the Stairs
Nugent Manufacturing

This is a good example of a video where the editing is used to tell the story. The client wanted a video to capture the momentous occasion of moving a twelve ton staircase they’d had made, onto a loader, to bring it to the construction site.


Shots were chosen and edited to tell the story in the clearest, most immersive way possible, and to use the interview with Stephen Nugent as the narration for what was happening.


The end result is that the video flows, the human side is highlighted and the sheer size of the undertaking is clearly seen.

Isle of Hope

Even though this is a live performance where one might think that the story is already told, the flow of the edit compliments the dance and music and the choice of shots enhances the emotional strength of the story.


As it’s a dance video, it’s important to show the interplay between the dancers, but it’s also critical to remember that the emotion is in the close ups.


If you look closely enough, you can see that some of the dancers are completely immersed in the movement and music, and filled with the emotion of the moment. That’s why good editing is important. Without it, you’re only telling part of the story.

The Voice Within: A Showband Story – Advice for Young Girls

This is an obvious example where the original video is highly edited to make a short clip to promote the show on social media.


While everyone can see that it’s highlights from the show, the editing is still critical to ensure that the video remains coherent and interesting, yet short enough that people will click on it when browsing. At the same time, it was important not to lose the humour of the original by choosing shots that are funny but still serve to tell a story.

AIMS Awards – Friday Night Costume Party

At its simplest, this is just a video of people dancing around in mad costumes and enjoying themselves. But, again here, the editing serves to heighten the occasion and presents the event in a pleasing, fun way, multiplying the hilarity of the night and the people.


All the shots, out of hundreds that were taken, are carefully selected so that the movement flows and there is a relationship between the picture and the chosen music.

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