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Tutorial videos have consistently proven to be an effective and comparatively painless way to learn how to use software. They greatly aid a user’s understanding and reflect favourably on companies when they are well made.
In our tutorials we ensure that their clarity will translate to all screen sizes, accompanied by clear, well-spoken voice overs.
Surf Accounts Tutorial
How to Edit an Invoice

For many people, their preferred method of learning is through video tutorials. It has consistently proven to be the most effective way to learn how to use software.


Clear and detailed instructional videos will lessen calls to technical support, increase users’ satisfaction with a product and, properly made, reflect well on the image of a company.


Our video are made to be easily viewable on all screen sizes.


Software | Tutorial | Voiceover

Software Tutorial (Extract)
How to Update Your Website

This video was made for a web developer to show his client how update their newly-created website. The video takes them step-by-step through the process of writing and publishing a new blog post.


You will notice that the screen is frequently zoomed in to allow for both clarity and viewing on a mobile phone or small screen.


Part of a longer tutorial, some elements have been blurred to preserve confidentiality.


Software | Tutorial | Voiceover


BNI Tutorial
Renewing Your Membership Online

A short but detailed video to explain the process of renewing membership through the online BNI portal ‘Connect’.

As the process was not immediately intuitive, the video was an invaluable tool for both members and Chapter Secretary/Treasurers.

It was a very clear resource to which renewing members could be directed, reducing calls to both head office and area directors.

Software | Tutorial | Voiceover

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