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Freddy Buttons
The First Story


This is an animatic of the first Freddy Button’s book ‘Freddy Buttons and the Little Lost Hen’ written by Fiona Dillon, illustrated by Derry Dillon.



The video was created to demonstrate how the books could be animated without the need to finance an expensive pilot animation.



Using a combination of both adult and children’s voice talent, some movement in the illustrations, and sound effects to envoke the scenes, this animatic has proved successful in selling the concept to a major studio.



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Cooking With Freddy Buttons
Strawberry Crumble

Here we are, cooking in the kitchen with Freddy Buttons, the character created by Fiona Dillon and illustrated by Derry Dillon. For this video we brought Freddy to life by using Adobe Character Animator.


This allows the two girls, Mischa and Layla, to interact with Freddy who advises on hygiene and  helps them put the strawberry crumble together. 


Freddy is also wonderfully given voice by Layla.


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